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Addicted to your smartphone? You're not alone


Amanda Bush frequently takes her three kids to the park. She said she never leaves home without her cell phone.

"To me, having my phone on me is kind of like a security blanket," she said. "If I don't have it, I'm kind of worried that something's going to happen, and I won't be able to call anybody, so I like to have it on me at all times."

Bush isn't alone.

A recent study showed 72 percent of Americans report being within 5 feet of their smartphone the majority of the time.

The study also noted that smartphone owners use their phone in unusual places.

The study reports 35 percent of Americans admit they've used their smartphone in a movie theater, 33 percent during a dinner date, 19 percent in church and 12 percent in the shower.

Mental health professionals encourage people to evaluate whether their phone is causing any disruption in their personal or professional life.

"If you're having damaging results in your life with your job or marriage or the things that mean so much to you, then obviously that is a concern," said Jennifer Schneiderman, clinical social worker at Waverly Health Center. "So we just need to be careful about our relationships with a lot of different things so they don't become a problem."

Schneiderman recommends people set limits on how often they use their cell phone, like checking it only at certain times during the day, in order to avoid a serious problem.

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