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Meggie the library dog promotes reading for Gladbrook-Reinbeck kids


Meggie the dog doesn't lack for attention at the Reinbeck Elementary School library.

The seven-year-old miniature beagle is known as the library dog. Her goal is to help promote reading.

"She has her own Facebook page and blog, and she tells people about her own adventures in libraries and what she learned," said Valerie Ehlers.

Valerie Ehlers is Meggie's owner. She's in her second year as the media specialist at Gladbrook-Reinbeck schools.

She said Meggie brightens everyone's day, but Meggie gets a lot out of her visits, too.

"She loves kids, she really does. We have some kids who are with her more. They have disabilities, and they'll come in with their class and she seeks them out. She'll lay by those students," said Ehlers.

Meggie visits students at the media center during the fall and spring.

"They miss her in winter. Where is she? When is she coming back?" said Ehlers.

She also makes appearances during the summer. Meggie participates in group reading sessions and the students even read aloud to their furry friend.

Ehlers said reading aloud is very beneficial for improving reading proficiency in some students.

"Some kids are audio learners as opposed to visual learners, and so reading silently is great for visual, but if you're an audio learner. Also, you remember more when you hear it and see it," said Ehlers.

Valerie Ehlers said students enjoy reading to Meggie so much, they've started reading to their pets at home. Unfortunately, not all the pets understand books are not for chewing.

"We had to have a talk, that's great you're reading to your dogs, cats, stuffed animals, but don't leave the books on the floor," said Ehlers.

Ehlers said it's clear Meggie is helping to get kids excited about reading. Meggie is the perfect reading buddy. She's a great listener, and she doesn't mind if you're still learning the words.

Meggie will be at Reinbeck Park Saturday, July 20th at 7 p.m. for a book exchange. Kids are invited to bring three old books to exchange for three new books.

Click here to read Meggie's blog.

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