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Dubuque library offering free music downloads


Tens of thousands of songs will now be available for free for those who hold a Dubuque Carnegie-Stout library card. The library is working with Freegal Music Service to allow Carnegie-Stout library card holders to download three songs per week off the music site.

Susan Henricks is Director of Carnegie-Stout Public Library. She says this is something the library has been hoping to do for a long time.

"Freegal is the first product that has been accessible for libraries that offers digital content of music. Many libraries have really leaped over music. We have the CD music, and then it has kind of gone to digital collections and we have never had a model to offer to people." Henricks said.

Henricks says it is a costly service, but the company offered a great discount price in the state of Iowa.

"It was costly. Part of that is because we are actually purchasing the licensed material so that users can keep these songs that they download. What happened is, the company offered a great price for libraries in the state of Iowa. The more libraries that signed up the greater the discount. So it just came to a point that we thought we just had to try this." Henricks said.

The service will help expand the music collection offered at the library to customers. The online music database, Freegal Music Service, will allow Carnegie-Stout library card holders to get three songs per week for free. The site offers tens of thousands of different music labels for the customer to download including Sony.

Will Layton lives near the Carnegie-Stout Public Library. He often spends his time at the library working and listening to music.

He says he is excited to use the new music service offered at the library.

"I think it's a great idea. Actually, when I was in college the library there had a sort of similar system and I did use that. I think it's great that the public library is doing something like this." Layton said.

Songs that are downloaded by library card holders are for the customer to keep and listen to wherever or whenever they want since the music downloaded on "Freegal" is underwritten by the library.

Carnegie-Stout Public Library paid for this new service through their operating budget. If you are Carnegie-Stout Public Library card holder and are interested in using "Freegal" click here.


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