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When heat increases, so do calls to A/C technicians


"Whatever it takes in this kind of weather, we'll need to get it fixed," said Francine Lines.

Lines has had enough of this heat. The only problem she has is her air conditioning is broken.

"I could hear it running outside, but I could not feel any cool air coming in," said Lines. "So I cranked open the window and looked, and I could see the line was all frosted up."

Lines welcomed Nathan Klein from Gubbels One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning with open arms.

"People say 'Thank you,' and they are really glad when I leave and it's working," said Klein.

Klein has been putting in overtime lately since the temperatures have increased.

Homeowners can take preventative measures to keep technicians like Klein away for the summer.

"Rinse it out, the outside unit," said Klein. "You can rinse it out with a garden hose. Get any kind of dirt and dust and cottonwood -- that kind of stuff -- out of it."

He says it's also important to turn your unit on during the cooler months to make sure it works. That's when you can check for problems before it gets too hot.

The company also suggests keeping the area around your unit clear of any vegetation. It's important to not restrict air flow.

Inside your home, experts want to make sure you also check your air filters often.

As for the Lines, they are hoping for the best, but understand if it's the worst.

"Whether we need to end up getting a new one, or if he can find a problem he can fix easily and not have to buy a new one," said Lines.

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