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An Eastern Iowa Family shares the stage in "9 to 5"

Rosemary (left) and Majorie (right) Rosemary (left) and Majorie (right)
© Lily (left) © Lily (left)

Friday night is the opening night of the musical "9 to 5" at the Waterloo Community Playhouse, and among the cast is a mother, father and two daughters.

Sixteen-year-old Majorie Gast plays Dolly Parton's famous role in "9 to 5", Doralee Rhoads.

Majorie's comrade on stage, secretary Violet Newstead, is her mother off stage, Rosemary Gast.

"I get to act with her quite a lot on stage so that's fun to have that mother daughter time on stage," Majorie said.

"That's a real joy that not a lot of people get to experience," Rosemary added.

Below stage in the pit band is the father of the family, Daniel Gast, the play's music director. And nearby on stage is Majorie's younger sister, Lily, who plays the part of an ensemble member and a skunk.

"Performing has kind of been the family thing that we do," Daniel said.

Showing his support off stage is Daniel and Rosemary's son, Joey.

Sharing the spotlight isn't a first for the Gast family. In fact, these family members have shared a stage about a dozen times, but not always with all four family members.

Daniel and now 13-year-old Lily were the leads in the Waterloo Community Playhouse's recent production of "Annie". Rosemary and Daniel were also in operas together years ago.

But this play does have several firsts. It's the first time Majorie takes center stage, the first time Daniel is the music director, and the first time Lily plays an adult role.

At home, the family practices their music and lines together, and at the playhouse they give each other extra support.

"There's drama off and on stage and when things aren't feeling great you can look towards your cast members for support and if they happen to be your family that's a double," Rosemary said.

The show premieres Friday and continues throughout July. Tickets cost $25.

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