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Community still strong one year after Evansdale cousins disappeared

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Mike Hamilton of Evansdale spent Friday afternoon at the park near Meyers Lake with his 10-year old daughter.

It was a similar Friday afternoon a year ago on July 13th when two cousins, Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins, were abducted near Meyers Lake.

Their bodies were discovered by hunters in Bremer County last December.

Hamilton said a lot has changed since the girls' disappearance and murder.

"You know people keep a little bit more -- they watch their kids a little bit closer I think. I know that we do, and I know a lot of our friends who have kids my age watch their kids just a little bit closer since last year."

Still, Hamilton admits life has moved on.

"Not everybody can go around Evansdale living in fear constantly, but you can't help but be a little more vigilant," he said.

Meanwhile, dozens of volunteers have spent months working on transforming the island at Meyers Lake into a place of healing.

"I think we wanted this place to be a positive place because it was known as the area -- this is where it happened, this is where they were last seen -- and for the families as well as for all the public, we want this to be a happy place. We want people to come here and feel good and feel healing and feel their presence here," said Dona Frickson who has helped organize construction at Angels Park near Meyers Lake.

Frickson has helped organize a free dinner for the community in appreciation of those who have supported the families of Lyric and Elizabeth.

Details for the dinner, and a memorial ride, can be found here and here.

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