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Ghost players return to Field of Dreams after 6 years


The Ghost Players have emerged from the cornfields once again at the Field of Dreams near Dyersville. They have been performing at the Field of Dreams since the movie first came out in the late 1980's.  In 2007, they stopped performing when their contract ended. But Sunday, they returned. It was an emotional experience for Dennis Rima as he made his way onto the Field of Dreams. It had been 6 years since Rima stepped onto the baseball diamond with his teammates.

"I always get goose bumps when I see those Ghost Players come out of the corn. So for me, to be able to be one of those guys that comes out of the corn it's really an awesome feeling. It's a feeling that is hard to explain." Rima said.

Since the Ghost Players stopped in 2007, it was hard to tell what the future held for them. Keith Rahe is also a Ghost Player. He says the Ghosts always hoped they would be able to come back and play.

"It's something we hoped to happen. When Denise Stillman made the offer, we jumped on the opportunity. At least I did. Then I had to curve my enthusiasm a little bit because I didn't know what the response would be from the guys." Rahe said.

The response was overwhelming.

"Just to see all these guys again. We had one of our Ghost Players came back from Florida, one came back Texas just to see these guys again and be able to perform, laugh and do what we do." Rima said.

On Sunday, the Ghosts made their way onto the Field of Dreams in their old uniforms, gloves, and with bats in hand. They were greeted by hundreds of spectators looking to be a part of the game. The Ghost Players went through the crowd and picked kids to play ball with them out on the field. Something Keith Rahe says is important to Ghosts.

"Everyone likes to see a little kid smile, anybody that comes to us. Parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts even just bystanders. They love to see the little kids smiles." Rahe said.

But it wasn't just those kids facing smiling Sunday afternoon on the field, it was the Ghosts too.

"In all honesty, it is really just a chance for us to get together. That team is not just a team, it's a band of brothers. We had the opportunity to travel all over the United States and all over the world with each other and we did that for a long time. We bonded, so for us it means a lot for us to come back here and share this moment with each other." Rahe said. "We never thought after 2007, that we would ever do this again so to be back here is just as exciting as it can be." Rima said.

The Ghost Players will appear on the field every other Sunday through September.

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