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Couple has Doctor Who themed wedding


A wedding in Marion Saturday afternoon was something straight out of a Science Fiction movie, or television show. Belinda and Mark Bloom had a Doctor Who themed ceremony. Bride, groom, and many guests dressed up as characters from the British TV show.

The couple got married last year but today was the big ceremony in front of friends and family. They wanted a costume wedding and chose Doctor Who because it's what they watched on one of their first dates.

"We watched what-four episodes that night in a row," Mark asked  Belinda.

"Yeah, a lot," said Belinda. 

"Then we got together the next weekend and watched more and it became a thing that we did for the first three or four months to watch the whole thing, all the way through," said Mark.

Doctor Who costumes were not mandatory but many friends and family got into the theme, and others dressed as their favorite characters, including two kids dressed as Spider-Man.

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