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Dubuque to add more security cameras downtown

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Recent incidents in Dubuque has prompted city leaders to add more security cameras to the downtown area. More than 40 security cameras will be placed at different downtown locations including; Dubuque City Hall, City Hall Annex, and Jackson Park. The security cameras are a part of a five year capital involvement program. But recent incidents in Dubuque have prompted city leaders to accelerate the program and add more security cameras to the downtown area. The city currently has numerous traffic cameras controlling intersections that have traffic signals.

Michael Van Milligen is City Manager for Dubuque. He says those cameras have often helped Dubuque police officers solve crimes or determine what happened in traffic accidents.

"We had two incidences in one week where there was gunfire. Thank goodness no one was injured in either incident. But it did help heighten our awareness of how good the camera system is. In fact, we were able to make arrests in those incidents based on camera footage from city camera's and camera's at private businesses." Van Milligen said.

Duane Richter is an engineering technician with the city of Dubuque.

"We can see who has come and gone from certain locations. We are not going to be able to see license plate number or anything like that. It is not for that particular purpose. They are more just to see who has come and gone from those locations." Richter said.

Boroskie Richerd is a Dubuque resident. He thinks the cameras could make people think twice before they act.

"I think security cameras, like an technology, can be used for good or bad. But a majority of the time you have security cameras it allows people to get in touch with their conscience. It's that adding thing in their mind 'are you sure you want to do this action, it's going to be recorded for all time and prosperity.'" Richerd said.

City officials say some of the cameras have already been installed in downtown Dubuque. Money for the project is being funded by savings from the road salt budget.

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