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Wisconsin fireworks sellers attract Iowans

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As Independence Day approaches, fireworks sales are booming across the Iowa state line in Wisconsin. In Iowa, fireworks, other than simple sparklers, snakes and caps, are illegal to set off.  But just across the bridge, Iowans can get a bang for their buck.

Cornellier Fireworks is located just across the Iowa-Wisconsin border. The temporary fireworks stand is only open a few weeks a year. Colten Jackoniski has been working at the stand for two years. He says that sales have been good this year, despite all the rain.

"This weekend and next weekend will be our busiest weekends since we are giving out some pretty good deals." Jackoniski said.

Jackoniski estimates he receives 50-100 customers a day at the stand. He says he estimates about 65% of those customers are from out of state.

"I get more Illinois and Iowa people than Wisconsin people and we are in Wisconsin," Jackoniski said.

But fireworks are illegal in Iowa, including those purchased in other states. Last year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports between June 22nd and July 22nd more than 5,000 people were treated for fireworks-related injuries. Dubuque Asst. Fire Chief Jay Imhof says there are a few reports every year of injuries and fires related to fireworks in Dubuque.

"Fireworks are always dangerous for someone who is not experienced in how they explode or go off and they should be left for professionals." Imhof said.

In Dubuque, the fine for first offense possession of fireworks can cost $750 plus court costs. Those fireworks will also be seized by law enforcement. Cornellier Fireworks will be open until July 7.


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