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Health Plus: Total Joint Camp


No one wants to go under the knife with unanswered questions and concerns.

That's why patients at Covenant Clinic Orthopedics in eastern Iowa are signing up for what's called total joint camp.

"We kind of thought there was a need in the community to get some better education out there before surgeries not necessarily aftermath," said Danielle Ries, an acute physical therapist.

Gene Haller had both knees replaced at Sartori Memorial Hospital in Cedar Falls.

He calls the one-time, brief presentation a great experience.

"They made everything real plain, every caseworker, they told what they did and what you are going to be expected out of me," said Haller.

The fourth Monday of each month total joint camp is offered to patients considering or planning on a total joint replacement surgery.

"Try to get them some ideas to think about ahead of time before surgery, how to prepare their house, what you bring to their appointments, what to expect afterwards, how they can plan, how we will help them before and after the surgery as well," said Ries.

The point is for patients like gene to be better informed about the procedure and in turn improve the recovery and healing process.

"Just knowing that I could do it, what they wanted me to do and I always went a little bit farther, they'd say let's do 15 of these and I would do 20 or until I got tired of it because I had my legs prepared for all of this here," said Haller.

Total joint camp is held the fourth Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in Sartori's west dining room in Cedar Falls.

Call 319-272-CARE or 272-2273.

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