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Athletes of the Week: Denver's Brendan Matthias

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When you're the coach's son -- people expect more from you --

Brendan Matthias has risen to those expectations --

The Denver junior has hit at an astronomical 576 clip in conference games -- easily tops in the NICL East.

Brendan: "I think a lot of it is my plate approach before my at bat, going up, thinking about what I need to do, where runners are, what the situations are, what's going on, and then executing."

Brendan -- the son of head coach Brent Matthias -- has gotten it done on the mound as well going 3 and oh in conference games -- with 2 complete game shutouts -- the latest came Tuesday against Hudson.

All that success has helped this Cyclone baseball team -- which finished last in the NICL a year ago -- stay right in the title hunt this year -- but Brendan says that's all been a team effort.

Brendan: "We've got a lot of kids this year that actually want to come out and play, instead of just thinking that this is an extra activity.  We've got more ballplayers, kids who are familiar with the game, being smart about it."

Brent: "Last year we were very young, finished worse, bottom of the league, and we just kept telling them to just mettle through it.  It will get better."

As for the coach - son relationship -- it's no doubt helped Brendan who spends a lot of his free time at the field -- while also doing a ton of offseason work --

That's the positive side --

Of course -- it's not all positive.

Brent: "There have been nights where we don't talk.  We try to keep family at home and baseball at the park."

Brendan: "It's definitely interesting having him at home when we lose, having him home when we win.  It's a different experience, but I wouldn't trade it for the world."

And with this type of production -- that makes a lot of sense.

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