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Carol Schnor performs "Flag Worship" at area assisted living facilities


Carol Schnor dances with flags at area assisted living facilities and nursing homes, including Arlington Place in Oelwein. It's called Flag Worship.

She got the idea about five years ago from her pastors at Victory Christian Church in West Union.

"They had been in a service and mentioned to me why don't you look into that, so I did. I looked on the Internet. I was very impressed. Beautiful," said Carol Schnor.

Schnor has nine flags from a woman in Mississippi.

"How she dances with the flags and how she makes the flag go in the air and do different things, it's just a neat thing to watch and I think it's relaxing for the residents," said Arlington Place Manager Brett Ingersoll.

Relaxing and peaceful is how Schnor said people most often describe her performances.

"Even my husband. He says it's so peaceful," said Schnor.

Schnor became more religious about 30 years ago after she lost her young son in a tragic accident.

"A cattle gate fell on him and he suffocated. He was six. I was devastated. God let me know it's gonna be okay. Your son's in my hands," said Schnor.

Carol Schnor doesn't have any formal training. She simply enjoys spreading God's love through Flag Worship.

"She's one of those people that when you meet them you know right away from the start that she's very positive and always give 100 percent at everything she does," said Ingersoll.

Schnor loves what she does and believes in what she does. She hopes people find joy in spiritual performance.

To contact Carol Schnor, click here.

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