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Chickasaw Co. Sheriff statement on stolen dogs/animal complaint

Neighbors have complained about the treatment of this dog and others on property near Fredericksburg.  The dog was reported stolen Saturday. Neighbors have complained about the treatment of this dog and others on property near Fredericksburg. The dog was reported stolen Saturday.

Chickasaw Co. Sheriff T.W. Miller released this statement Saturday afternoon regarding the animal complaint Friday.


Press Release / Open Letter to the Public;

On 14 June 2013 around 0850 hrs, a call came into the Chickasaw County Sheriff's Dispatch regarding an animal complaint at the physical address of 3005 280 Street, Fredericksburg, Iowa.

A deputy was dispatched to the scene to evaluate dogs which had been reported to be allegedly neglected. Eight dogs were found on the scene. Seven "Coon Hounds" and one terrier type mix were noted at this address.

The Code of Iowa 717B (Injury to Animals Other Than Livestock); Code of Iowa 717 (Injury to Livestock); and Iowa Code 351 (Dogs and Other Animals) and the U.S. Animal Welfare Act all represent some type of active laws protecting animals. In the State of Iowa, animals to be rescued must be done under the advisement of a licensed veterinarian.

At the physical address of 3005 280 St., it was preliminarily determined that section 717B.3 (Animal Neglect) of the Code had been met. Shelter, sustenance and water as described in the Code were available. It was not deemed to be an emergent situation.

Criminal and civil proceedings may not be the best way to handle the majority of alleged neglect cases. They may be justified, but take considerable time and financial resources. The first and most effective step in dealing with cases of alleged mild to moderate neglect is to educate the owners of the animals in need. Education involves speaking to the animal owners and citing laws and consequences of failure to provide care, which was completed on 14 June 2013. Follow-up will be done as originally stated.

Every one tends to love animals and when the perception is presented that they may not be cared for, emotion stirs in all of us, including law enforcement. This agency has in the past seized animals and will remain vigilant and if the need to seize animals arises, will do so again. This Office will not knowingly violate anyone's constitutionally guaranteed fourth amendment rights from unreasonable search and seizure. We all have the right to Due Process under the 14th Amendment.

As Sheriff, I take animal welfare seriously. Continuing education was taken by an employee of this agency on 17 May 2013 at the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Iowa in Des Moines. Two nationally recognized systems of evaluating and providing a

quantative scoring system for animals, the Henneke Scoring System for Horses and the Tufts Animal Care and Condition Scoring (TACC) System for Dogs were taught by a

professor of veterinarian medicine from ISU and the Chief Staff Veterinarian of the ARL of Iowa.

As for the most current allegation of Animal Neglect and as of 15 June 2013, it is now believed a person or persons unknown have committed criminal acts and three of the animals from the scene of the residence located at 3005 280 Street, Fredericksburg, IA were allegedly stolen.

Two younger "Coon Hounds" and the terrier type mix (as seen on local news media feeds) are now missing. Unfortunately, we are now unable to monitor the welfare of the animals that were allegedly stolen. We will continue, as aforementioned, to monitor the health and welfare of the remaining animals.

Yours, very sincerely and respectfully,

Todd W. Miller



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