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La Porte City couple rebuilds after 2008 flood


The Cedar River crested five years ago in Cedar Falls at 102 feet. Hundreds of homes and businesses in Black Hawk County were damaged by flood water. Some rebuilt, while some decided to leave.

Daniel and Cindy Bland live near La Porte City and live a mile away from the river, but the water got high enough it destroyed their home.

June 9th and 10th, will be dates the Blands will never forget. It was those dates five years ago the river faced them with a very large challenge.

"Well I was working. I kept getting phone calls that the water was coming up," said Daniel Bland.

"I was home with my youngest son," said Cindy Bland.

"The water kept getting higher and higher and we moved all the important stuff up to the second level of the house, pictures and guns," said Cindy Bland.

But the Blands didn't get everything high enough.

"It was something. All our furniture was floating around. Everything was floating that we own" said Daniel Bland.

The family was faced with a lot of decisions to make, but moving away wasn't even a question.

"I guess the river threw down a challenge for us and we took it. We love this spot. Decided to build here again," said Daniel Bland.

The family of four lived with neighbors, family members, and even a camper for a few years while they built their new house.

"The house now is four inches higher than the waterline in 2008. So it's got a little bit to go if it happens again," said Daniel Bland, "I hope we're ready for it next time."

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