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Grandview Gallop closes street in Dubuque


A sea of people filled Grandview Avenue in Dubuque Saturday morning. The people were a part of the 8th Grandview Gallop, a four mile run taking place on Grandview Avenue in Dubuque.

Darrel Zmolek is the Grandview Gallop Director, he helped develop the run 8 years ago.

"There were a group of people that came to me and said they would like to put on a really big running event for the community of Dubuque. Five groups of people got together and decided we were going to try the Grandview Gallop, and in doing that we need to shut down Grandview Avenue for an hour. We had to go to city hall and go through some channels, but everyone agreed to it." Zmolek said.

Zmolek says there is a specific reason why the run takes place on Grandview Avenue each year.

"People that are not from Dubuque, need to realize that everyone in Dubuque runs on Grandview because of all the hills. Grandview is flat and fast, and so that's why it's Grandview because there aren't any hills." Zmolek said.

This year 962 people galloped there way along that street for four miles. This years winner of the gallop was Jason Flogel who finished the four mile course in a record time of 19 minutes and 33 seconds.

All proceeds from the Grandview Gallop benefits Crescent Community, Live Healthy Dubuque and Go the Distance Day.

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