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Rainy weather impacts local business


On June fifth last year it was warm and sunny outside, reaching nearly 80 degrees in some places. But Wednesday, the gloomy and wet temperatures felt colder than a normal summer day. For some local businesses this cold, wet start to summer is meaning lost revenue.

Lost Island Water Park in Waterloo opened on May 31st this year. So far, the water park has only had four days of operation. The park had to close on June 4th due to cold weather. Eric Bertch is a general manager at Lost Island Water Park. He says since the water park is only open three months out of the year every day counts.

"We really have to make the most of those 80 days and this puts a damper on what we are able to bring in revenue wise," Bertch said.

"Today is the fourth day since we have closed once already due to the cold temperatures yesterday. The fourth day we have had under 100 people," Bertch said.

Though the weather was cold and rainy on Wednesday there were some who just couldn't miss an opportunity to swim even if it was in the rain.

"I didn't really care, I figured it was a water park so it didn't really matter." Rasion Nelson of Waterloo said.

Bertch said it's people like Nelson who help keep the park open on those rainy days.

"They're polar bears...I guess. If they are able to stand the cold. So if they are here we are here," Bertch said.

Lost Island Water Park will stay open in the rainy weather, as long as there are not severe weather alerts including tornadoes or thunderstorms.

"As long as the lifeguards are able to see the bottom of the pool, we stay open in the rain," Bertch said.

Bertch believes this cold, wet start to summer is going to be short lived. He hopes in the coming weeks the weather will warm up and make up for revenues lost.

"If history is any indicator then hopefully we will have one more week of this and then it will turn hot and sunny," Bertch said.


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