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Flash flooding damages Buchanan County bridges making them impassable


In Buchanan County, some bridges have been washed out or damaged for the last few days.

The Humpback Bridge on 300th street of Vincent Avenue was washed away.

Washington Avenue and Vincent Avenue North of 300th Street also saw bridges damaged.

Other county gravel roads were damaged from flash flooding making it tough to travel in some places.

"It's very, very rough. it washed out pretty goes every time the water comes up," said Joseph Fangman.

Fangman was showing his girlfriend the damage from the weeks flooding, but he wasn't the only one. Several curious people spent part of their weekend seeing the damage mother nature left behind.

Wednesday, heavy rains made a Buchanan County creek swell so much it washed away parts of this bridge leaving holes too large to pass.

Rick Wulfekuhle, Buchanan County Emergency Manager, encourages everyone to stay behind road closed signs. He says they are just not safe if you go past them.

"Pay attention to barricades. Turn around. It's meant for a reason. The roads are either gone or impassible that you just don't want that to happen," said Wulfekuhle.

Wulfekuhle says county officials hope to get federal funding to fix and replace the bridges, but if that doesn't happen, he says the county may have to foot the bill.

"Some closures may have to stay for a while or other projects are put off while budgets are shifted to take care of these things." said Wulfkuhle.

Wulfekuhle says county officials are waiting to hear if they will get state help to pay for repairs. They're not sure how long that might take.

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