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Dog gets reconstructive surgery to fix nose and upper lip

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"He's just a happy-go-lucky dog," said Brenda Flatjord.

Jake is a four to five-year-old black lab mix. He's currently being cared for by Brenda Flatjord and the Humane Society of Northeast Iowa in Decorah.

Jake and another dog were picked up by a local sheriff's office and taken to the impound. When neither dog was claimed by an owner, the Humane Society of Northeast Iowa took them in.

"'We just couldn't believe it," said Flatjord.

Jake's nose and upper lip were missing. He also had bad infections and fleas. Flatjord said it's clear he was neglected.

"His toenails were completely curled into the pads of his feet. He could hardly walk," said Flatjord.

Veterinarians who treated Jake aren't exactly sure what caused his injuries, but believe it's from constantly rubbing his nose and face on something such as a crate or confined space he was locked in.

"We just looked at him, he looked at us and we said we have to do something for this poor guy. He deserves better," said Brenda Flatjord.

Jake just went to Iowa State University for reconstructive surgery to fix his lip and open his nostrils. Before, he couldn't even breathe out of his nose.

"It's swollen. It's got stitches. It's scabbed, but his lip looks amazing. Before, all you could see was teeth. They think we can take him back at a later date, and they can make the nose look better," said Flatjord.

The Humane Society of Northeast Iowa is trying to raise about $3,000 to pay for Jake's surgeries.

"He's pretty deserving of it," said Flatjord.

Brenda Flatjord said despite everything he's been through, Jake's tail is always wagging. She said Jake's worst quality is that he snores, but it's actually music to Flatjord's ears because it's a sign he's nearly recovered from his injuries.

The next phase is to find Jake a permanent, good home.

The other dog brought in with Jake was already adopted. There are no charges pending in this case because the owner hasn't been identified.

If you'd like to make a donation to help pay for Jake's reconstructive surgery, you can send money to the Humane Society of Northeast Iowa, P.O. Box 76, Decorah, Iowa 52101. Specify the money is for Jake.

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