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Athletes of the Week: Beckman Boys Soccer Players


Dyersville Beckman seniors Adam Noethe -- Travis Gudenkauf -- and Eric Dunkel have led the blazers to an undefeated regular season for the second straight year --

Adam: - "This season's been great, just like last year.  We really enjoy each other.  We've been playing together since all the way back in Saturday soccer league."

And it helps that they've been playing well together -- the 3 seniors have combined for 46 goals this season -- they say they've done it by following this mantra:

Eric: "We've got a motto, it's called "lost in the sauce"

I'll let Travis explain what that means.

Travis: "Saucy is just our mentality, we've got to sauce it up every game.  Get the other team lost in the sauce, that's what we do."

If you're still confused... join the club -- but it's pretty hard to argue with the results -- and the experience these 3 have playing together has gone a long way:

Beckman Head Coach Mirek Laskowski: "I remember them 3rd, 4th graders playing together.  That's the kind of bond they've got as a team and friends."

And it's a bond that these 3 -- who by the way will be roommates at Wartburg this fall -- hope can carry them to a state title -- last year the Blazers entered the state tournament a perfect 19 and oh, and promptly lost in the first round against Nevada --

Adam: "Everyone was expecting us to do great, and when we didn't win it was kind of a disappointment to everyone that we were trying to play for."

Travis: "Last year we always knew we had another year......... but this year we can't think next year we'll be better, because this is all we've got."

And to get it done this time, there's just one thing they've got to be.

Eric:  "Saucy!"

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