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Health Plus: Eastern Iowans becoming resistant to antibiotics


You may be overusing medications and building up a resistance to antibiotics.

One local pharmacy director says it's a real problem happening to some eastern Iowa patients.

What you need to know about antibiotic overuse in Health Plus.

Normally you take an antibiotic medication to get well.

But one local pharmacy director says antibiotic overuse could make you sick in the long run.

"Every time we introduce antibiotics to the overall bacteria world they learn how to deal with, how to resist and live through that exposure," said John Hamiel who oversees Covenant Medical Center's inpatient pharmacy in Waterloo.

He says patients are showing up in our area who are resistant to antibiotics.

"Over 50% of some of these strains of bacteria that used to be susceptible to commonly used antibiotics are now resistant and that's just something we're seeing everywhere," he said.

Hamiel says it's up to doctors and patients to curtail it.

"Being immunized and keeping your immunizations up and current, washing your hands, trying to stay home when you're sick and using your antibiotics the way your physician wants you to."

The Institute of Medicine calls antibiotic resistance a key threat to Americans' health.

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