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Former Waverly man loses law license


A former Waverly man has lost his law license following a decision by the Iowa Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board filed Friday.

According to the Board, 41-year-old Brian Loren Stowe, formerly of Waverly, lost his license after committing ethical infractions.

In its ruling, the Board says Stowe's life story "mirrors that of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." They say Stowe was a model citizen when he studied law at Drake University. The Board says he went to school during the day and worked as a police officer and drug enforcement agent at night. They say he also coached youth basketball and baseball and was also an author.

Stowe, who moved to Waverly from La Crosse, Wisconsin during his junior year of high school, graduated from Wartburg College in 1994 and then moved to Nevada to be a full-time police officer. While in Nevada, Stowe began working on his law degree and graduated from Drake with honors in 2000. He then joined the Finley Law Firm in Des Moines where he made it to partner in five years.

The Board says Stowe took his family on a cruise, which included a stop in Belize, to celebrate making partner. During that stop in Belize, Stowe alleged that he was abducted, beaten, sexually abused, and ransomed. The court says other accounts show he was arrested by local authorities for possessing cocaine. They say nobody ever discovered what truly happened and the court said it was not relevant to their decision.

The court says that Stowe's "Hyde-like" side came out after the Belize incident. According to the court decision, Stowe claims he developed post-traumatic stress disorder, but did not seek counseling or treatment and instead, began self medicating with methamphetamine he was buying from a drug dealer he became acquainted with through being an attorney.

The court says Stowe became unable to work and his marriage ended.

He left the Finley Law Firm and got a job as an associate at the Thul Law Firm in Whittemore. He was eventually fired from there in May 2010.

The court says shortly after losing that job, Stowe was convicted of possession of methamphetamine in Emmet County and then convicted of two counts of felony forgery in Palo Alto County.

The court says the felony convictions came from Stowe forging the signature of a client on two checks he stole and used to transfer funds into his personal bank account.

The court says there are other examples to show Stowe should not be practicing law, but felt it was not necessary to address them because there is sufficient evidence already on record to prove it.

As a result, the Board ruled to revoke Stowe's law license.

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