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Gas tax hike still possible


There's still a chance you're going to be paying more to fill up your car. Governor Terry Branstad says a gas tax increase is still a possibility this legislative session. This is something the legislature has considered doing for years and insiders say there may be a better chance it actually passes this year.

Terry Thompson of North Liberty fills up his truck a few times a week.

 "It really gets to me, the prices and everything," said Thompson.

It doesn't come cheap, which is why he definitely doesn't want the legislature to pass a gas tax increase that would mean he'd pay more each time at the pump.

"It's a hundred bucks every time I fill the tank anyways and eight cents, well, that's 110 bucks," said Thompson. "It takes a lot out of the year."

The Iowa legislature is considering raising the gas tax eight to ten cents more per gallon. According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, the move would bring in $215 million for road projects, which has the support of some.

"If it goes in it's going to be constitutionally protected," said Bret Finnegan, Vice President of LL Pelling. "It doesn't get spent for anything other than the roads and bridges and the infrastructure of Iowa."

LL Pelling is a member of Associated General Contractors of Iowa. The group backs the hike.

Even though a gas tax increase would cost his company money, Finnegan thinks it's a necessary move.

"We haven't really seen any major improvements and stuff out on the interstate system for a good number of years," said Finnegan

Governor Branstad has said he'd support a gas tax hike if it's passed by the legislature, but only if lawmakers approve a property tax decrease and other taxes paid by Iowans.

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