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Hail leaves mess, damage in Cedar Valley

Car at Community Motors in Cedar Falls dinged from hail Car at Community Motors in Cedar Falls dinged from hail

Many eastern Iowans are trying to sort through damage Monday morning's storms left behind.

A heavy round of hail fell hard and fast, pummeling downtown Waterloo with quarter sized hail, while other areas saw anything from golf ball to pea sized stones or no hail at all.

Damage from the storm will easily be in the millions of dollars..

A heavy downpour of hail fell in Waterloo Monday morning.  So much fell, it had to be cleared off of Broadway Street, leaving giant piles that looked more like snow.

"Oh my, it was terrible and it was just so white covered. You know, the whole street was just covered and I thought, I hope I don't have to walk on that," said Shirley Newsom of Evansdale.

Newsom left her hair appointment in downtown Waterloo to find her car covered with hail dimples.

"This is Iowa--good old Iowa!"  Newsom said.

At Community Motors in Cedar Falls, hail left its mark on every single car on the lot.  With an average of $3,000 in hail dings to 700 vehicles--that's roughly $2 million in damage for that business alone.

"We'll have to wait and see how the insurance pans out," said Bryan Benson, Community Motors general manager.

As the car market recovers from a tough economy, all the damage could actually be a good thing by driving in buyers looking for a good deal.

"The only thing we can figure out is seeing how we got dealt a bunch of lemons, we're going to turn it into lemonade!  A lot of people are going to save a lot of money on a lot of cars!  We'll fix some, and sell others as is.  There's going to be thousands of dollars in savings real quick," said Benson.

With this kind of damage, insurance agencies are getting flooded with calls and recommend you first call a professional for help before filing a claim.

"If there's any uncertainty, certainly we don't want people climbing up on their roofs.  Some people will.  I won't be one of them!  With cars, it's kind of hard to tell sometimes.  So I'd encourage them if there's a place they like to go for auto repair, go there and let them look at it professionally and give them an idea," said Steve Sinnott of The Sinnott Agency.

You'll probably have to practice a little patience as claims come in as fast as the hail.

With the amount of damage in the area, you can also bet a lot of contractors will be coming to town to give damage estimates.  It's a good reminder to be on the lookout for scams.

To help streamline auto repairs, some big insurance companies are offering drive-up claim service.  You can call in and get a claim number, the auto repair shop does an estimate, and your check for repairs goes out.

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