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Iowa airports impacted by American Airlines flight delays


Hundreds of flights through American Airlines are delayed after a computer glitch grounded planes throughout the day Tuesday.

At the Dubuque Regional Airport Tuesday afternoon, a crowd of people waited, either to board the plane that had not yet arrived from Chicago due to the delays or pick up a passenger from that incoming flight. American Eagle, a subsidiary of American Airlines, flies in and out of Dubuque's airport.

The glitch was in American Airlines' main reservations system. As of mid-afternoon, American Airlines had canceled more than 700 flights and delayed another 765.

Even after the company fixed its system around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, many flights are still set back.

Dubuque Regional Airport manager Bob Grierson said the ripple-effect of delayed flights probably won't right itself until after the overnight hours.

"There are other factors to keep in mind, too," Grierson said. "You've got air crews, which are only allowed to fly so many hours a day or even to be awake so many hours during the day, and if they've been delayed, now suddenly they starting coming up on their clock. You have a bunch of issues that come into play."

Nate Lombardi was one of the delayed travelers waiting at the Dubuque Regional Airport. He was flying back to Denver after a weekend visiting his family in eastern Iowa.

"Set my bag up to be checked, and they said, 'Don't bother because your flight's delayed right now because the computer systems are down,' and they didn't really know when it was going to be back up," Lombardi said. "Unfortunately, airlines have these things happen. Seems like it's always happening to you, but, I don't know, it's not the end of the world for me."

The American Airlines glitch impacted thousands of passengers.

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