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Cedar Falls sewage leak Tuesday spills into street, bike trail


An unnoticed leak and a failed alarm meant an unknown quantity of partially treated water flowed across a street and bike trail and flooded parts of the water reclamation facility in Cedar Falls on Tuesday.

A pump failed Tuesday morning, according to Lyle Krueger, Water Reclamation Division Manager.  Later information from the Department of Natural Resources say it happened because of an electrical problem about 6:40 a.m. It took the city about half an hour to correct the problem. 

An alarm failed to go off notifying workers, so crews did not discover the leak until they arrived to work Tuesday morning.  But several thousand gallons of untreated wastewater backed up in the treatment plant and overflowed onto ground near the plant.

The partially treated water was not a risk to the public, according to Krueger. People attempting to navigate a nearby bike trail before 7 a.m. may have come across the water.  The city cleaned up and disinfected the area around the bike path, so it should be safe for people to use.

The biggest problem, Krueger said, was that the failed pump caused flooding in parts of the facility.

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