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Waverly runner misses Boston Marathon due to injury

Jamie Stensland Jamie Stensland

At least one eastern Iowan missed being in Monday's Boston Marathon by a simple twist of fate.

A back injury prevented Jamie Stensland from running in this year's marathon.

The mother of three from Waverly qualified this year but didn't take part in the event.

"I was just depressed that I could not make it this year because who knows if you'll ever qualify again," said Stensland.

She's run the race four times already - finishing in 1992, 2002, 2003 and 2008.

When she saw what happened Monday, it hit home.

"Devastated. I could've been in that timeframe where the bombs went off at the finish line. That would've been my goal - between 3:30 and 4 hours so to think I could've been there or my friends and family could've been there at the finish line and been injured, it's just really difficult for me to think through," said Stensland.

Despite Monday's tragedy, she says the marathon's appeal will not diminish.

"It will not stop me. Just as 9/11 did not stop people, Chicago (marathon) happened right after 9/11 and it didn't stop people, it fueled us as runners in that, they are not going to take something away from our lives and freedoms we have as U.S. citizens."

Stensland says it's especially difficult to miss a Boston Marathon because it's not only the most prestigious in the U.S., but you also have to qualify by having a good time in a qualifying marathon.

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