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Eastern Iowans look for hail damage following storms


Rick Deneve of Deneve Construction received some calls following Tuesday's early morning storm when Cedar Rapids reportedly received hail up to an inch in diameter. He says any time hail is bigger than an inch it can cause severe damage.

"It can definitely shorten the life of the roof," said Deneve. "It can actually cause leaks if it was bad enough hail also damage the gutters and lessens the value of the house."

He's looking for seven hits of hail in a ten foot by ten foot area. That's when a homeowner needs to call the insurance company about roof damage.

"Bruises on the shingles, the mat actually being damaged and it's a little softer in the spot, little black spots," said Deneve.

It's not just homeowners who worry about hail. It's businesses, too, especially car dealerships like Zimmerman Auto Center.

"The biggest fear is coming in in the morning, seeing 200 cars with damage on them and having to start the process of getting in touch with insurance, getting everything fixed," said Chris Branstad, New Car Manager. "It's a lengthy process for sure."

Only 20 or 30 cars received damage during this storm, and they've already been fixed.

"Anymore there's enough tools out here to get them fixed right," said Branstad. "You don't even have to send them to the body shop. There's enough people in the area that handle dents every single day and they have the tools to make it look good as new."

That means the cars can be sold. However, even with insurance, the cost to fix the cars can be a couple hundred dollars per vehicle.

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