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Traffic Alert: I-380 road work begins Monday


Construction on Interstate 380 near Evansdale is slated to get underway Monday. Last year crews, replaced the southbound lanes, now it is time to replace the northbound lane along that same stretch of road.

The inside lanes of I-380 will be closed for Department of Transportation workers to build median crossovers.

When that's complete, traffic will shift to the southbound lanes.

The construction zone is more than six miles. Road work will take place at the U.S. 20 interchange to west of River Forest Road near Evansdale.

When the project began last summer the DOT projected more than 30,000 vehicles traveled that stretch of road in one day.

Officials say with all the traffic on this road, they hope people take it slow and watch out for their workers.

"Sounds a little dramatic, but they go to work in the morning, they expect to go home at night. I have talked with workers who said people will get so close that they have actually been brushed on the shoulder by a side view mirror or something like that so pay attention, give those guys some respect. They are doing a pretty dangerous job out there to get the road in good driving condition for you," said Pete Hjelmstad, DOT Field Services Coordinator.

Last year, there was only one accident towards the end of the project. DOT officials hope that doesn't happen this year.

They also hope people will think about taking different routes if you do have to commute on this road.

"We really stressed that last year and I know a lot of people did take different routs and it really paid off. We were able to take a lot of traffic out of this area because especially during the peek driving times you put all that traffic into two lanes there's going to be delays," said Hjelmstad.

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