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New museum opens in Dubuque


A new museum in Dubuque is hoping to capitalize on the city's tourism draw to bring art lovers to the Tri-States. Dubuque Experimental opened this weekend in downtown Dubuque. The museum is centered on experimental art, including contemporary art. Christian Narkiewicz is Director for Dubuque Experimental. He says he hopes the museum inspires others to expand their creativity and bring more contemporary art to the area.

"It's something different and new, and fresh. It's experimental using different materials and new materials, things that are not traditionally associated with art." said Narkiewicz.

Dubuque Experimental was opened by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studios. For artist, Ioannis Karalais the museum has inspired him to expand his boundaries as an artist. An expansion that he says is sometimes hard to do.

"Sometimes as artists we have to compromise because we have to make a living. We have to do some works that people like and they buy and things like that. Here, we would like for people to buy for the artists but we want to push the art too." said Karalais.

"I'm looking at this my way. I make them totally different, softer, even more sexy than they used to be." said Karalais.

Karalais has worked featured in Dubuque Experimental. He enjoys creating work inspired by the relationship between Greek gods and town's people.

"I'm very fond of the Greek mythology because how do I say it, for me, it was a free religion." said Karalais.

Experimental owners, hope to inspire others to do the same. The creative museum space allows artists to create work to bring in the museum as well as create work in the museums space.

"This space gives the artist an opportunity to come in and express themselves" said Narkiewicz.

The space is also home to other experimental productions.

"This space will be dedicated to experimental ideas. Not just visual arts, but also theater, poetry, literature, dance, music, just for cutting edge." said Narkiewicz.

Dubuque experimental does not have set hours of operations. Instead, the museum will host special events to premier new artist exhibits. Admissions to Dubuque Experimental is free.

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