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Water quality discussed at Dubuque legislative forum


The Dubuque League of Women Voters and the United Labor Participation held its third and final Dubuque area legislative forum. Medicaid, highway infrastructure and water quality were all discussed. The forum allows members of the Dubuque delegation to the Iowa legislature to meet with constituents and discuss issues in an open forum.

Dave Baker is a resident of Dubuque and found the forum very informative.

"It's great that our elected officials, from the state level, come to visit with us and discuss these vary important issues and keep us up to date." said baker.

During Saturday's forum, Representative Chuck Isenhart (D-Dubuque) brought up the issue of water quality in the state of Iowa. This is after 628 waterways in the state were listed on the DNR's polluted water list.

He says changes need to be made to protect the water supply for Iowans.

"This year, we have some important decisions to make regarding how much we are going to spend on improving our water quality, which has been decreasing in recent years (decades). We need to be very careful about when we do put that money in the budget that we have some accountability, transparency and there are very specific directions on how we want that money to be spent. And reporting back to us, how are we at achieving the goals of improved water quality." Said Isenhart.

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