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Waverly Health Center obtains top equipment for colon cancer detection


The Waverly Health Center has put in new colonoscopy equipment and scopes in its outpatient surgery center.

Hospital officials said the EVIS EXERA III system is the newest video endoscopy platform for patients.

The system offers high definition images, making it easier for doctors to detect any issues.

Additionally, carbon dioxide is used to inflate the colon instead of air which doctors believe will allow patients to be more comfortable after the test.

"We believe it is important to provide our patients with the most advanced tools, while keeping their comfort at the top of the list," said Dr. L. Matthew Deppe, a general surgeon and surgery complex medical director at Waverly Health Center. 

Waverly Health Center is the second hospital in Iowa to bring this new technology to its patients.
"I really believe this new tool to find colon polyps and cancer is going to change how endoscopy is done in the future," said Deppe. "The 3-D images supplied by the scope guidance system help doctors more easily navigate the patient's colon, reducing pain. This should help lower the amount of pain medicine a patient needs."
"The report-generating portion and the endoscopes together will be equivalent to that which is at Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic," said Medical Staff and Outreach Manager at Waverly Health Center Amy Long.
"With EVIS EXERA III, physicians can see the interior of the body more clearly than ever before to help them diagnose disease at its earliest stage," said Long.
The system was installed last month.
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