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Eastern Iowans react to Rutgers' Mike Rice video

Rutgers coach Mike Rice was fired Wednesday Rutgers coach Mike Rice was fired Wednesday

By late Wednesday morning, most eastern Iowans we spoke with in Iowa City had seen the series of Mike Rice rants -- and all disapproved.

"There's no excuse for that, no excuse for that in any context, and perhaps even less so in a sports context," said Christine Shea of Iowa City.

"Even as adults, that anybody would treat them that way, it's kind of shocking," said Amir Bozorgzadeh of Iowa City.

"I thought it was disturbing, I thought it was over the top, and I thought it took a lot longer than (it) should have to let him go," said Michael Moon of Iowa City.

For parents like Eleanor Dilkes, who have teenagers that play sports, the footage of Rice physically and verbally abusing his players is almost unbelievable.

"As a parent, you pay attention to the people that are coaching your kids, and it's important to you that they are serving as a good role model," Dilkes said.

Iowa City West boys basketball coach Steve Bergman says he's never seen anything like it in his 27 years of coaching.

'It makes you kind of embarrassed to be a coach," he said.

Bergman, who has led the Trojans to four state titles, understands coaches use tough love to motivate.

He says Rice's tactics go far beyond that and show a complete lack of discipline.

"There's got to be a lot of humiliation for those kids, and I just don't see where it helps a player get to where he needs to go," Bergman said.

The public pushback has pressured Rutgers into firing its temperamental coach, sending a message that Rice's antics won't be tolerated.

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