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Family of Waterloo hit and run victim searching for answers year later

Police at scene of fatal hit and run, April 9, 2012 Police at scene of fatal hit and run, April 9, 2012

A Waterloo family is spending Easter without one of their own.  59-year-old Becky Lawless was killed in a hit and run crash in Waterloo last April--just hours after having Easter dinner with her family.

During a routine patrol, police found her body lying on the side of the road.  A year later, family and authorities are still searching for answers about who killed her.

Abbey Kurth gets chills along the Waterloo highway where her mom, Becky Lawless, was killed.

"…very hurtful to come down the overpass.  I still lose my breath," said Kurth.

What's made the past year so tough on Kurth is not knowing who was behind the wheel of the vehicle that hit and killed her mom.

"Even if  you're worried about getting in trouble or what your punishment's going to be.  You need to stop and think about the punishment of the family that they're enduring every single day--every moment of that day wondering what happened," said Kurth.

Becky Lawless was last seen alive at a local bar.  The mystery is just what happened after she left.

"She didn't even have an alcoholic drink in her hand or anything at the time.  But it's not like her to not call a taxi cab.  So it just makes me wonder when she left those doors, from then on what happened, who she was with, what transpired from the time of 2 to 4, when she was found," Kurth said.

But Kurth is convinced her mom's death was no accident.

"I do believe somebody out there, whether they got in an altercation, they got into a fight, she was pushed out of a car, she was ran over. She wasn't standing up when she was hit, and that's what leads me to believe it wasn't an accident.  It wasn't just she was lying in the road, and 'Oops, I ran her over and just drive away,' and you leave her lifeless body there.  It just doesn't seem right to me or make any sense," said Kurth.

Family and friends of Becky Lawless with gather here at the crash site for the one year anniversary of the hit and run--April 9th at 7 p.m.  They hope the gathering will be a public reminder that the case remains unsolved, and maybe even an encouragement for someone with information to come forward. 

Waterloo Police are still actively investigating the fatal hit and run.  They've even sent investigators as far as Florida to talk with suspects.  While they still have "persons of interest" in the case, there's not enough information to press charges.

If you know anything that can help in the investigation, call police or crime stoppers at 855-300-TIPS.

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