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Warrior Challenge benefits UIVA and Johnson County Military Affairs Association


Determined warriors and cheers of motivation could be heard from all over Iowa City today during the Second Annual Warrior Challenge.

A challenge that proved to be difficult for civilians like Tony Tran.

"I didn't know how hard it was going to be, clearly its a lot harder than I thought it was going to be," Tran said.

And even ROTC members like Jacob Wiese found the course difficult.

"It was still a challenge," Weise said. 

The University of Iowa Veterans Association hosted the Warrior Challenge and 5K.

"We created the event last year, we were looking to raise money for veterans in Iowa City and the Johnson County area, and we didn't want to do a run of the mill 5K," said Michael Considine, Warrior Challenge Race Director.

This extreme 5K helps to raise money for the UIVA and the Johnson County Military Affairs Association.

"We donate to them because they're a blanket organization over a lot of veteran organizations here in Johnson County and that allows us to give to them and they kind of know where help is needed," Considine said.

A cause that is especially important to ROTC Cadet Wiese.

"It gives a lot of support to the Wounded Warrior program which I think is really good, especially being deployed before I've seen it in action," said Wiese.

The Warrior Challenge consisted of an obstacle course, a tire flip, a 5K and a mystery event that proved to be the hardest part of the day for UI student Tony Tran

"We had to do like 30 pushups and 30 sit ups and that was pretty silly, that was absolutely ridiculous," Tran said.

The warriors had to run a 5K with a 15 lb. backpack full of sand, then stop to do  30 sit ups, 30 pushups, 30 burpees, and a 400 meter dash before finishing the 5K.

For Tran, the help from friends was enough motivation to keep going in the challenging course.

"We're there to challenge each other both mentally and physically and having them there was a great asset," Tran said.

Friendship, the thing race director Michael Considine says is the biggest reward of the day.

"My favorite part of the Warrior Challenge is how it brings people together," Considine said.

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