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Investigators determine man brought gun to Eastern Iowa Airport by mistake

An apologetic traveler says it was all just a big mistake.

Saturday TSA officials found a gun loaded with seven rounds in a carry-on bag at the security checkpoint.

Authorities determined the traveler brought the gun to the airport inadvertently, not realizing the gun was packed in a side compartment.

"He was surprised, very apologetic. He was cooperative in the investigation," said Kenneth Washburn, Eastern Iowa Airport Public Safety Commander.

The man has been released and faces no criminal charges.  Instead he faces a substantial fine pending a federal investigation.

Airport public safety officials say these mistakes are happening far too often.

"It's kind of disappointing 12 years after 9/11, this procedure has been in place that long, that people are being that careless particularly with firearms," Washburn said.

Cedar Rapids safety officials would like to see a city ordinance that allows them the option to bring criminal charges against people who accidentally bring firearms to a checkpoint.

Authorities are working on drafting a proposal.   That proposal would have to then be approved by the airport commission, before being taken up by the city council.

"It stems from a number of incidents over the last 15 months, and we just feel it's something we need on the books," Washburn said.

Travelers should check the TSA website to see a list of prohibited carry-on items.


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