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Northeast Iowa firefighters get hands-on training in fire school


Firefighters are the lifeline for many communities in Iowa.

This weekend 94 of them went back to school.

The firefighters participated in hands-on training made possible by the Quad County Fire School.

Rob Gipper is a board member on the Quad County Firemen's Association and helped organize the training.

He said firefighters from eight counties in Northeast Iowa participated.

"They know the firefighters next to them are going through the same training so it strengthens that bond," said Gipper.

Firefighters practiced extricating "victims" from vehicles, putting out car fires and house fires. They also learned how to deal with equipment malfunctions.

"This is immensely valuable for us," said Winthrop firefighter Benjamin Andersen.

"Just being able to work with people we don't usually work with, even as towns we don't live here, it's so much more. It makes it more fun, and it makes it more valuable for us because someday we may work with some of them at some point," said Andersen.

Gipper said the training provided good practice for the emergency personnel.

"The training is where you need to learn. You don't want to be on an actual situation where lives are in danger and you make mistakes," he said.

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