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Spring break offering challenges for police in Iowa cities


Waterloo police are taking reports of car windows being shot out.

The latest reports are from overnight Thursday, with at least 25 windows broken by BBs.

Broken windows were also reported to Waterloo police early Wednesday.

And it may have something to do with spring break.

Many in Waterloo woke up to shattered glass Friday morning.

"Why would you want to do that to somebody?" asked Justice McLemore, whose friend's car window was shot out.

"It's inconsiderate because, do you have the money to break out their window and go fix it for them 'cause you just wanted to go around shooting people's windows?" McLemore said.

At least 25 cars on Waterloo's west side have had their windows shot out with BBs since Wednesday morning -- 14 of them on Langley Road, where shards of glass littered the gravel.

"They've been all over the west side," said Capt. Tim Pillack with the Waterloo Police Department.

Police have few leads at the moment but believe the latest vandalism spree is a product of bored teens on spring break.

"Kids have some extra free time, and there's the possibility that that's who's doing it," Pillack said.

Meanwhile, Iowa City has been prone to a different type of problem this time of year.

"Iowa City's a college town. Most, if not all of the students are gone, so their apartments are empty," said Sgt. Vicki Lalla with the Iowa City Police Department.

Police have increased their patrol in neighborhoods.

This week so far has been quiet in Iowa City, but typically the break results in burglaries while students are away. Those break-ins are not discovered and reported until students return on campus.

"The students start rolling back into town and they might find that their apartments have been burglarized," Lalla said.

Whether in Iowa City or Waterloo, plenty of headaches abound for police and the victims of these seemingly senseless acts.

"Now they can't drive because they have a busted-out window," McLemore said.

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