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Dubuque Cathedral welcomes Pope Francis


Catholics around the world attended mass this weekend with a new spiritual leader, Pope Francis, who will be formally installed as pope Tuesday morning. Father Daniel Knepper of the Cathedral of St. Raphael in Dubuque mentioned the new leader in his mass Sunday morning. Knepper, along with the parishioners said three prayers for the new leader.

"We need to pray for him. We are in this together. He is not here to lord us over, but as Gregory the great said, he is to be the servant to the servants of god," Knepper said.

Father Knepper believes Francis is a suitable name for the former archbishop of Buenos Aires.

"The fact that he chose the name Francis and he is the first one that done, that really means he wants things to be done in a simple way," Knepper said.

That simple way can already be seen in Pope Francis. In a statement released by archbishop Hanus of the archdiocese in Dubuque, Archbishop Hanus wrote about pope Francis' simple way.

"When he appeared on the balcony, his first words were addressed to the people of Rome. He presented himself as their bishop. Very significantly, he asked the people to pray and bless him, before he would bless them. He put on the stole of priestly authority only to bless them, and immediately removed it. "Hanus said.

"I think he sets a tone and that tone I think is going to be very pastoral. It will very much be an outreach for the poor, our needs to live more simply so others can simply live and have that spirit that St. Francis had," Knepper said.

That's a simple way Knepper believes we can all learn from.

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