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Harkin tours factory to push manufacturing legislation



Senator Tom Harkin is promoting legislation he unveiled earlier this week.

The senator toured the American Profol manufacturing plant in Cedar Rapids. While there he spoke on new legislation unveiled last week.

Senator Harkin discussed the Rebuild American Manufacturing Act-- which he says will create a national manufacturing strategy aimed at spurring job growth.

"You might say that as manufacturing goes, so goes the economy. Because as manufacturing employment has fallen we've seen wages stagnate, are trade deficit increase, unionizations rates plummet and less domestic innovation," he said.

While more manufacturing jobs will help the economy - he also talked about the negative impact the sequester will have.  He says it will likely impact us throughout the rest of this fiscal year.

"I am hopeful that between now and then we'll get rid of that sequester for next year and beyond. It could be a real drain on our economy going down in the future. It's already gonna be a drain between now and September. I'm saying it doesn't look like were gonna get any kind of agreements to lift it anytime soon but hopefully by October the 1st, the beginning of the next fiscal year we will lift this sequester."

The sequester is already said to have a major impact on Iowa - with a potential cuts adding up to more $46 million.


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