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UI students match residency


It's a day filled with plenty of anxiety and pure joy.

"I've been waiting for this moment for a really long time," said Rose Lee, medical student going to the University of Connecticut for her residency.

The 137 students of the graduating class at the University of Iowa College of Medicine are finding out where they will be receiving their medical training.

Will Zeitler, of Iowa City, is happy to hear he'll be following in his parents footsteps and staying at home.

"My dad and mom used to work in the hospital so it's kind of full circle that I'll be working here as well," Zeitler said.

For medical students like Zeitler, the real anxiety comes not from where they'll end up, but if they'll be able to matched somewhere at all, something that is becoming more and more difficult to do.

"We've got more medical students than ever graduating across the nation, and the number of residency spots have stayed the same so its a lot more competitive," said Dr. Chris Cooper from the University of Iowa College of Medicine.

Matching medical students into their residencies is as important as ever. The nation is heading toward a significant physician shortage due in part to the Affordable Care Act signed in 2010, which will increase the number of people seeking care.

"We need our students to get out and become physicians and we can't do that without getting a residency spot," Cooper said.

Zeitler says he's less worried about the bigger picture and just relieved to be taking the next steps in following his passion in internal medicine.

"Even if it's really hard work that makes it even better once you get to do it for real," Zeitler said.

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