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Family of Scott Henry looks for justice in fatal hit-and-run

Scott "Hank" Henry Scott "Hank" Henry

"Hey this is Hank. Leave me a message," said a voicemail greeting of Scott Henry.

Karen Henry, Scott's wife, keeps his phone on so family and friends can still hear his voice -- and so she can, too.

"I can still see his face when I listen to it," said Abbey Henry, Scott's daughter.

Nov. 8, 2011 is a day neither Karen nor Abbey will ever forget.

Karen was on her way home when she turned onto 290th Street near Fredericksburg and saw a group of cars. One of them was being pulled out of a ditch.

When she approached, the group told her they hit a deer.

Karen went home, but knew something was wrong. She wasn't greeted by her dog, Hank, and supper was burned down on the stove.

She looked outside and saw Scott's vehicle, but no Scott.

Karen went back to the place where she originally saw the group of cars. She would later find out that driver Trisha Schneider didn't hit a deer -- she hit Karen's husband.

"I noticed my husband's foot was sticking out of a bunch of grass and stuff ... and he was covered up," Karen said. "I knew he was gone the minute I pushed everything away, but I tried to do CPR."

After Schneider hit Henry, she and the group left the scene.

"Accidents happen every day -- you hear about it -- but instead of calling 911, she choose to call a lot of friends," said Karen.

The Chickasaw District Attorney said there was no evidence to charge any of the others.

"I couldn't imagine being in the position she was in," Abbey said. "But I also know I couldn't have imagined leaving a person there."

KWWL asked Schneider for an interview, but her attorney said she was not in a position to talk to us, saying, "Nobody wins in these cases."

Schneider was sentenced to 10 years, but because of good behavior she was granted probation. She was incarcerated at the Iowa Women's Correctional Facility in Mitchellville for six months.

Karen and Abbey are frustrated by that, but they count their blessings and ensure Scott's memory lives on.

"Not a day, not an hour goes by that I don't think of my dad," Abbey said. "There are times I so badly want to pick up the phone and call him."

The Henry family will continue to ask the district attorney about pressing charges against any others involved in Schneider's getaway.

Meanwhile, Schneider's family says she is trying to resume her life. She resides at the West Union Residential Facility.

Family members of Schneider say she is going to school and will graduate in May.

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