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North Cedar neighborhood under water; Residents demand help from City of Cedar Falls


Much of the North Cedar neighborhood in Cedar Falls was under water Tuesday.

Residents said the streets have been flooding since Sunday, but the worst hit on Tuesday as water flowed in from a nearby field.

"It's got nowhere to go," said Jon Metcalf.

Metcalf said he's ready to move after the City of Cedar Falls refused to help combat the flood.

"I asked if they could bring out a truck and at least give us some relief. A pump truck, pop a manhole. Nope, can't do it," he said.

Metcalf said he'll have to rip out carpet in his basement because the water seeped into his house from the foundation.

Water Reclamation Division Manager at the City of Cedar Falls Lyle Krueger said he hadn't received any calls about flooded roadways Tuesday afternoon.

He didn't have time for an interview, but he said over the phone that a lot of water problems are due to the fact that the ground is frozen and the water can't sink into the ground.

He said he encourages residents to be proactive and direct water to a lower area or drainage system.

That's exactly what Dan Schuerman of Cedar Falls did Tuesday afternoon.

He got off work early to break down piles of snow to keep the water from continuing to pool up on his street.

However, the North Cedar neighborhood has no storm drains because of the age of the neighborhood. So the water continued moving, just onto a different block.

Krueger said if folks need assistance with flooding on public roadways to call the City of Cedar Falls Public Works Department.

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