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Rain, snow melt creating hundreds of flooded basements


Flooding continues to be a problem in parts of eastern Iowa.  Snow melt this weekend, coupled with heavy rain created flash flooding Sunday, which continued into Monday.  In Waterloo, that even pushed the city to close the flood gates at Fletcher Avenue near Hope Martin Park.

The problems continue for many residents with flooded basements.

"I was away for the weekend and came home after church Sunday and had three to four inches of water in my basement," said Cedar Falls resident Jami Mcnamara.

That was just the beginning of a lengthy clean-up and recovery progress for Mcnamara.  She runs an in-home daycare, most of which was housed in the basement.  Now, lots of her material is ruined.

"We lost all our furniture, shelving.  We lost over 100 books," Mcnamara said.

ServiceMaster 380 is swamped with flooded basement calls.

"Between Saturday and Sunday, we took about over 130 call," said Chad Reichert with Service Master 380.

And the clean-up is no simple job.  It starts with sucking up the flood waters, and in many cases, wall boards have to be cut away, soaked insulation removed, and carpet ripped out to prevent mold.  It's the result of too much rain and snow melt overloading drains and sump pumps.

"Check the float on your sump pump.  Make sure it's working and not corroded and just stuck in one position.  That's one of the biggest things that happens to them.  Just make sure it's running.  Put some water in the pit, and pump that out to make sure it's working properly every month or two, especially this time of year," Reichert said.

While all the water is good for businesses like Service Master 380, these four to six hour clean-up jobs have them praying for patient customers.

For Jami Mcnamara--she's glad to be drying out, and is ready for another change.

"We can just move past spring and go straight to summer!" said Mcnamara.

Experts also encourage you to look at the details of your insurance policy.  With this week's flooding, many folks are learning their policies don't cover damage from a drain back-up, putting them on the hook for thousands of dollars in repairs and clean-up costs.



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