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Cedar Rapids working to pick rec center location as deadline approaches


The Time Check recreation center in Cedar Rapids was destroyed during floods of 2008.

Nearly five years later, a new center still has not been built.

Several proposed sites have been turned down, and the deadline for federal funding is about to pass.

Linda Seger has lived in Cedar Rapids all of her life. She's also the president of the Northwest Neighbors Neighborhood Association, and knows what a recreation center can do for a community.

"Recreation centers are even more known as community centers," said Seger.  "This one served not only youth, but it also served for senior citizens and people with special needs."

Ever since the floods of 2008 destroyed their recreation center, Seger has been working to see a new one built near the neighborhood.

"This has been an area for a lot of recreation and activity for people for many generations," said Seger. "This is just a wonderful opportunity for us."

The city originally decided to build a center off Ellis Boulevard, close to where the Time Check recreation center once stood. But FEMA denied them, because it's in the 100-year flood plain.

City committees met and picked Cleveland Park next, but last week neighbors nixed that plan.

"We really are up against the wall," said council member Ann Poe. "We're going to have to make a decision."

To receive $3 million from FEMA, the city has to pick a site by April 1.

The new top choice is the old maintenance building, located near other recreational facilities in Ellis Park.

"It would very nicely serve the people of our community because it sits on Ellis Boulevard, it sits next to Edgewood Road," said Poe. "It has park amenities very close by."

A second option is land near Harrison Elementary School. A city task force will meet Thursday to discuss the options.

Because the city is under such a tight deadline, they do not have time to hold public forums to discuss a new site.

Poe plans to talk to neighbors of the new proposed locations to see how they feel about having a recreation center nearby.

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