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Rusty Easton bikes 10 miles roundtrip to and from work every day


Rusty Easton is the Service Manager at Scheels in Cedar Falls. He helps repair most things the store sells, but he has a special interest in bikes.

Riding a bike is how Rusty Easton gets to and from work. It started one April 1st as a challenge to himself.

"It was easy because it was nice out, then as it got colder I thought let me see how long I can go," said Rusty Easton.

He's gone 15 years. Every day Easton works, he bikes.

"You name the weather, I've ridden through it. it hasn't been easy. some days have been great. some days it's a choice. I just got into it. it's a personal thing."

Rusty Easton said it's about the same distance to the new store on Viking Road in Cedar Falls as it was to the old store, five miles or about 20 to 25 minutes on his bike.

"Commuting is a great way to slow down and relax. I get to think about what I need to do for the day as I'm riding in to work, and then I get to relax on my way home. It's just my private time where I get to mellow out," said Easton.

Easton said he originally got into biking for fitness after talking to his doctor.

"I used to water ski years and years ago, and it tore my knees up pretty good and the doctor said to avoid surgery using an indoor trainer would help the muscles around the knees, so I started doing it, and I just hated the indoor trainer thing. So then I started just riding a regular bike and got more and more competitive against myself with it and kept going," said Easton.

While biking to work may not be for everyone, Rusty Easton prides himself on helping customers find the right bike for their lives. He said that's why he owns so many bikes, to better help customers.

"17," he said.

He rides at least one of those 17 bikes every day.

Now that's he's reached 15 years of biking to work, Rusty said he's going for 20 year.

Easton previously raced for more than four years and has participated in RAGBRAI 29 times. These days he most enjoys touring, just hopping on his bike and riding.

"Where I can go out and ride across a couple states, I just love that," said Easton.

His longest tour was 1100 miles to Michigan. It took nine days to get there and back. He carries everything he needs on his bike with him.

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