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More snow increases risk of roof damage


With a break in the snowfall Monday afternoon, some people tried to get out ahead of the next storm - by removing snow from their driveways, sidewalks, and in some cases, roofs.

The more snow that falls, the more grief it could cause some homeowners.

Lisa Blair's finished up shoveling her driveway in Cedar Falls before Tuesday's snowfall.

"It's definitely been a lot more snow this year than last year," said Blair.

She says her back's starting to feel it and with more heavy snow in the forecast, she may be back at this in another 24 hours.

"If there's no school tomorrow, my husband has to work so it'll probably be me doing this again...though if it's a lot, I might just wait for him," said Blair.

While the snow on the ground is of immediate concern, snow on the roof can cause longer term problems.

Ice dams have already formed on the roofs of some homes.

"Your ice and water dam is going to have a pushup effect. You're going to see a thickness of ice coming right up from your eaves or your valleys and basically just shoving up your shingles," said roofing expert, Al Carpenter.

Experts say the weight of the ice can push your gutters away from your home.

They say the ice dams can also cause damage to your roof and the interior of your home as temperatures warm and all that water melts.

One of the best ways to prevent ice dams is a roof rake which is available at local hardware stores.

Clearing the snow will limit ice dams from forming.

Lisa Blair's roof looks good for now.

She's just ready to put the shovel away til next winter.

"I am so ready for Spring. I can not wait for no more snow and sunshine and flowers and being outside without having to be cold all the time," said Blair.

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