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Eight-year-old Raegan Junge raises money for relief efforts


Raegan Junge of Keystone began helping with relief efforts about two years ago. She was just six years old.

"She loves the news, watches it all the time. If she sees something, she's ready to act on it," said Crystal Junge.

Raegan's efforts started in April 2011 after a tornado hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

"She came to her dad and I and said I want to help these people," said Crystal Junge.

To raise money, Raegan Junge made beaded bracelets, and she sold them around her community for a free-will donation. She raised $450, which she donated to Project Blessings in Tuscaloosa.

In May 2011, Joplin, Missouri got hit by a tornado.

"She was watching The Weather Channel with her sister and came in and said Mom I want to help these people," said Crystal Junge.

Those people were Don and Helen Capps, a couple in their 80s hit hard by the tornado.

Through bracelet sales and auctioning off a horse., Raegan raised $1600 dollars for the Capps.

"It's really easy to help people, and when you start it you might really like it," said eight-year-old Raegan Junge.

Raegan has sent money and supplies around the country. Locally, she took Christmas care packages to homeless veterans in Cedar Rapids and just last week she donated a laptop computer and other items to the Weber family of Traer after their house burned down.

"As her older sister, I actually look up to her for what she's done because she's done more for people than I've probably done in my lifetime. And it's really amazing because she's only eight years old, and she started when she was six," said Celeste Miller.

Besides selling bracelets, Raegan also holds a garage sale to raise money and she just started selling homemade chap stick.

"She wants to help and we didn't know when she started this how long it would last, but it has continued and it has grown and when she's done with one project she's already worried about starting another," said Crystal Junge.

Raegan has earned numerous awards for her relief efforts. She was also featured on The Weather Channel as one of five weather heroes. She used the money she got from that, $5,000, to start a scholarship fund. Each year she plans to give $500 to a Benton Community Senior who is a "good helper."

"I hope they do the same thing I do. Help me make the world better," said Raegan Junge.

She's a little girl with a big heart.

"I want the world to be perfect," she said.

The world may not be perfect, but people like Raegan help make it a better place for us all.

For more information on Raegan Junge's relief efforts, click here.

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