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Trainer Michael Powell strives for better physical and mental health


Workouts are intense at Fighterbody Ultimate Fitness in Waterloo.

Michael Powell is a former wrestler and pro fighter. He runs the gym, which includes classes focused on cardio and cardio-based weight training.

Powell said he tries to offer a full approach to health, physical and mental. That approach worked for Brice Dix.

Dix spent six months last year undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma. Dix nominated Powell as Someone You Should Know for motivating him during his chemo treatments and encouraging him to keep working out during that time for the benefit of his overall health.

"He heard I had cancer, didn't even know me very well, and he was like just come into the class. The whole time I was on chemo he was pulling me in all the time," said Brice Dix.

Brice Dix was going through an especially difficult time because his dad was battling a terminal form of small cell carcinoma at the same time.

"The whole time Mike was there encouraging come on, come on," said Dix.

Brice Dix said attending classes at Fighterbody Fitness made a huge impact on his life.

"You feel empowered. You feel better about yourself," said Dix.

Not only did Dix feel better physically and mentally after class -- Powell let him take all the classes for free.

Mike Powell said it's because fitness is so important.

"We hope people find it to be something important in their lives. Not only for themselves, but for the people in their lives," said Michael Powell.

Powell said giving back to people going through a tough time in life is the least he can do. He said trainers try to inspire, but he needs inspiration, too.

"For me, I might try to encourage people, but Brice and other people we have in our program are my encouragement," said Powell.

If anyone needs help with the healing process, Mike does his best to help.

"I know I want to be right next to that person and help them anyway I can," he said.

People in Mike Powell's classes said he's a great trainer, but more importantly he's a great person.

Powell says anyone from age 17 to 70 can take his classes.

Within the next month, he plans to start a free, faith-based kickboxing class for kids. The goal is to focus on building confidence and help spread an anti-bullying message.

Fighterbody Ultimate Fitness is located at 1045 Southtown Drive (across from the Home Depot) in Waterloo. Classes are Monday through Thursday with optional Saturday classes. For more information, click here to email Michael Powell.

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