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Casino campaigns ramp up door to door efforts days before election


Linn County voters head to the polls in just three days to decide whether or not they want to allow a casino in the county. Both campaigns are spending the weekend trying to gather up last minute votes. There's still some voters on the fence.

The March 5th special election is just days away. Both campaigns are working hard to the last minute, trying to get voters to vote yes or just say no to a Linn County casino.

"People who are maybe on the fence are finding out that a casino is really going to be a great addition to our community and that we're going about this in just the right way and making sure that people understand the economic benefits and the fun that we'll have with it," said Marcia Rogers, Vote Yes Linn County Spokesperson.

"They've always said to us if you're not going to support our casino, then what are you going to do," said Todd Henderson, Just Say No Casino Spokesperson. "Here it is. It's family friendly. It's year-round. It's a water park that everybody can enjoy. And it's a plan that will not be divisive to everyone in this county."

Riverside Casino's Dan Kehl announced Friday he'd build a water park if voters say no to a casino in Linn County. It's a new factor in the casino voter equation.

"I don't know if it's a game changer but I'll definitely consider it," said Michael Rott, Linn County Voter.

Linn County Auditor Joel Miller says almost 11 percent of registered voters have already cast their ballots on the casino issue. But that still leaves plenty of people who plan to hit the polls on election day, including some undecided voters.

"I need to do a little bit more research I think on my own. to try and figure out where the truth lies on this matter," said Cate Lester, Undecided Voter. "I think the best thing to do is to vote for the citizens of Linn County as a whole."

So the yes side is reminding voters what a casino will bring as the no campaign tells them there's another option on the table.

"We want to continue with our message of jobs and the economic opportunity that will come from this casino," said Rogers.

"A family-friendly, year-round indoor water park in the minds of Linn County voters will always trump a family unfriendly casino," said Henderson.

Canvassers have only days left to spread those messages to voters.

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